Tuesday, March 22, 2011


As my father will tell you, my favorite place to eat when I was in College was TacoDog, though he never once was brave enough to join me in my weekly trek across town.

An American Taqueria would be the best way to describe this culinary joy. I was originally attracted to the spot because they made all the food fresh and without pre-processed gunk. Depending on your mood, you could enjoy a chicken chipotle quesadilla with queso covered fries, OR an all-the-way chili dog with a side of jalapeno cheddar nachos. Their website boasts of flavors from all over the country. “California style stuffed Burrito, Mexican steak, Southwestern Chicken, Southwestern style salsa, Texas corn dogs, Southeastern style hot dog chili”, just to name a few! As you see—the possibilities are endless. Much to my graduate chagrin though, I would not have a franchise to support here in Columbia. How was I ever going to survive without my special brand of Tex-Mex?

*Ta-Dah* Enter Meggie.

Having always struggled with a case of the Monday’s, I look to get by with a little help from my friends. Though I was rudely on a conference call most of the time, Meggie introduced me to my next Columbia gem: TakoSushi.

Much like my beloved TacoDog, Takosushi combines an unusual mix of fresh hand-rolled sushi and rustic Southwestern cuisine. I was in heaven! If you’re up for a fabulously fresh bento box with a side of chips and dip—this is your spot!

Overwhelmed with the options, I broke down and asked the waitress what the most popular roll was—The Crazy Roll. (Shrimp tempura, fresh shrimp, crab, cucumber & avocado topped with a teriyaki glaze and Takosushi sauce.) And I now know why it was the most popular—it had a little bit of all sushi goodness wrapped into one.

So whether you’re in the upstate or the midlands, fear not, there appears to be a Tex-Mex-Shi combo lurking just around the bend.

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