Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Never Fully Dressed

The countdown has begun! My own type of March madness has erupted. This weekend I am going home for a wedding and next weekend I’m in one!

Chicken broth diet [check]

Running 5 miles a day [check]

Tan [check]

Right. Who am I kidding? One step at a time. How about starting small self, like eating SmartOnes for lunch instead of going out—and making sure Dutch gets his tri-pod walk, regardless of the weather.

Well, if that fails, how about a new outfit to cover the old winter fluff?

I have been struggling to find the right outfit for the rehearsal dinner. It doesn’t have to be perfect or glitzy—I am not the bride. It does need to be conservative though-- but with the right amount of fun. I am a “safe” dresser but I do try to add flair where I can. Color, texture, pattern & shine make for an interesting outfit.

Humility might not be a substitute for a good personality, but you’re never fully dressed without a smile! (So don’t forget it at home.)

Champagne glasses $24.99 by Favor Affair
As sparkling blue waves kiss the shore just beyond, you can toast to each other with flutes that beautifully symbolize the romance of the sea…. Yeah yeah yeah. CHEERS!

Banana Republic Erin textured Sheath in Dutch Blue $130

Amrita Singh Gold-Plated Resin Charm Necklace on RueLaLa $70.90

J.Crew Quorra peep-toe booties $275

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