Monday, March 7, 2011

Hot Brunch

Do you ever wonder what it is that you’re missing out there? I have officially lived in Columbia for about 5 months now though it feels a bit longer some days because I refuse to believe that I am so far from the coast. Isak Dinesen wrote that “The cure for everything is saltwater. Sweat, tears, or the sea”—I might amend that quotation to include salt itself, since it is clearly the spice of life.

If you will, the spice of my weekend was discovering a hidden gem! Well, I didn’t discover it, a friend did. In fact, I think he might be a regular judging by the prompt service when he spilled his coffee across the table and onto my lap, but I digress. By now I’m sure you’ve guessed this nugget of a post to be about another neighborhood jaunt—and you’d be right.

I’ve been to DiPrato's more times than I can count. I adore the deli case and am always tempted by the lunch offerings for under $10! However, I suppose somewhere between the Vermont white cheddar pimento cheese and the Thanksgiving on a bun, I lost sight of the Brunch menus. I don’t know how this catastrophic error slipped by a breakfast foodie like myself!

If you’re up for a big bite, and I mean really filling, try the Breakfast Panini! Homemade onion sausage patty, scrambled eggs, peppers, onions and American cheese on a multigrain ciabatta roll served with a divine potato cheese casserole. I could only eat half of the Panini and was kept full until around 4:00 (and I have a huge appetite!)

But as good as my meal was, and remember, I’m sitting in a pool of freshly brewed at this point, I was envious of the Pancakes across from me. My friend enjoyed the Jack Johnson special--Banana Pecan Pancakes. I think he pitied me for forgetting my sunglasses and then felt guilty for spilling hot liquid in my direction, because I got to enjoy a bite or two! Originally afraid the banana’s were merely sliced and strewn across the top, I was pleasantly surprised to find warm gooey chunks within the batter. Yumm.

Though I rarely let myself eat like that, I would highly recommend diving head first into this brunch menu!

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