Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Would Die 4 U

If I had to pinpoint it exactly, I would say that I fall somewhere on the fanatic scale between the ‘standard college freshman’ and a one ‘Becky’, who happens to be the disco diva mother of a dear friend. As far as my love for His Purpleness goes, Prince Rogers Nelson and I solidified our relationship when I trekked my sunny southern something to MPLS in January to visit Fifth Avenue. For those who gained all of your knowledge of Prince through his semi-autobiographical movie Purple Rain, I bet you missed the part where one of his most famous songs, When Dove’s Cry, was written specifically for the family history montage scene.

Did I mention the Disco Diva, her daughter, and I are seated in the 12th row for his surprise concert through Columbia? That’s right folks, I would die 4 U too.

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