Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hair Crack

I’m not one to try out new hair salons. Much like a devoted marriage, I will follow my stylist wherever she moves (which I’ve done twice now). However, just short of having to take a half day off of work to get a blow-out in Pawley’s Island before the epic wedding weekend, I was forced to try a new experience.

Several people in my office go to the Tillman Aveda Salon on Gervais and while I do love some name recognition, I should have known from the required consultation that this was going to be a good cut! Did I mention you also get a head and neck massage while you’re by the sink? Having been in a couple car wrecks recently, I was sold! Wesley could have escorted me out with a wet towel and I would have been perfectly pleased to pay the fairly steep rate. Below are the products that were prescribed for me. Literally, I have the RX sheet on my bathroom mirror, how cute!

The Pure Abundance team is of a volumizing nature. While the shampoo and conditioner work about as well as can be expected on my fine hair, this new secret potion was ingenious! I’ve described it to friends as a resign powder that liquefies. That’s about all I got—Insert website info now.

Pure Abundance Hair Potion (Hair Crack) $24

Our innovative formula transforms in your hands—from a powder to a light, absorbent lotion*—then makes magic in your hair, increasing its diameter and creating an abundance of texture and volume.
• instantly thickens hair by 17%
• relies on natural bulking agents acacia gum and kaolin clay
• creates matte texture
• great for creating a gritty, “second-day hair” look

*DO NOT shake the bottle. While it implies that the powder is meant to liquefy, It’s much more effective in powder form.

Bottom line: Tap powder into roots on various layers and scrunch upward. Hair looks fuller, feels thicker, stays more abundant. It can also be re-molded as needed throughout the day! Is there anything better?

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