Monday, April 4, 2011

Spoleto Festival Take Two!

Next item to catch you up on is that I’ve been offered a position with the Spoleto Festival again! The exciting news means I might be moving to Charleston a bit sooner than I expected, but no worries though because I have a place in Mount Pleasant with a couple other fabulously fun girls!

The job would be under Leslee Newcomb, master make-up artist and wig extraordinaire! Why she would agree to take me on as her apprentice again is beyond me? But nonetheless, I am thrill and honored!

If you want to catch up on her work and hear a little about the festival’s past, check out the
Lowcountry Digital Library!

Leslee Newcomb has been a wig and make-up designer for Spoleto since 1978. She discusses the intimacy of wig and make-up design and her interaction with performers and details the changes she's seen in Charleston since her first Spoleto Festival U.S.A.

Want tickets to see the master’s work?

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