Monday, April 4, 2011


Sorry for the hiatus! I took a week off to go on a Carnival cruise with fellow Wofford Alumnae; and much like getting out of the habit of going to the gym, I have not yet taken the time to post. I will try to fill you in accordingly.

Carnival now docks out of Charleston, which means for us fellow South Carolinians—this is a huge relief and a much, much shorter drive! I was aboard the Fantasy ship which is actually one of the oldest of the fleet; however it had recently been renovated with flat screen TVs, a new water works playground, and an adult-only Serenity lounge.

The giveaway to the transition was the lack of staterooms or ones with balconies. Though this was my sixth cruise, I actually didn’t notice the lack of outside rooms until we docked next to the fabulous Disney Cruise which boasts a ship filled entirely of hand rails. Oh well, maybe next time.

Our itinerary was Nassau and Freeport. While in Nassau we were going to rent scooters, but the guide suggested that maybe we didn’t want to put a hung-over girl on a bike…Probably a wise decision.

Onto Senor Frogs! Surely we could find a bit of respite at the infamous bar… but they were closed…so we played with the statue and went back to the ship!

Though I can’t say much for the quality of the food, I can say that both the service and quantity were outstanding. I availed myself of the 24hr room service a few times… mainly specializing in the PP&J with chips and a chocolate chip cookie around 3am.

For the sake of sanitation, anonymity, and political careers, let’s just skip right on to Freeport.

The beautiful white sands could not have come any sooner. The three amigos enjoyed Bahama Mama’s and conch sandwiches overlooking the crystal blue waters. Finally, we had arrived.

All you really need to know from the trip is that I went through 3 spray bottles of sunscreen and almost an entire Hawaiian Tropic bottle of lotion. And I wore a really, really big hat that got passed around.

The best part of the trip was undoubtedly the company. I only knew about 5 others registered on the travel list, but by the end of the trip—well let’s just say we all became close.

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