Friday, April 8, 2011

Never Bored with Boden

I received the Boden USA lookbook yesterday and while casually flipping through, several summer pieces appealed to me. I am on a quest to find a short sleeve jersey dress, something quick and easy for those hot summer days at Spoleto—something like this print?
Or this?
But I digress. Once online I found a whole new type of community shopping. A world within a world. I was greeted by this fantastic opening page under a section titled, “Stuff and Nonsense”.

Could they have appealed to me in any greater way? Peonies & Parm?! My favorite things too! How did you know?

Oh wait, it gets better.

Need a few extra friends these days? Check out these custom zany creatures made from old Socks!

Got a little boy or Medusa complex? How about a snake?

Do you prefer to carry your pooch around in a side satchel?

Maybe Peter Pan has been following you and you can't get that ticking out of your head?

And for all the dog lover's out there-- go ahead!

I think I will start with the little crazy haired man up top. He looks to be about my speed!

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