Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rue The Day

I am a member of both Gilt and Ruelala, but I confess that I don’t check them with the religious fervor that some shoppers do. Both sites offer great designers at great discount prices—the trick is finding what boutiques are open at the right time.

I started my morning by running late. The joys of being a pet owner, I decided to feed my sweet Dutch boy rather than myself. Running out the door, shoes in hand, I grabbed my morning Oikos and threw it in my purse. I like to buy the 5.3oz containers because they leave you more satisfied than the YoBaby size. All of it is 100% organic and if you buy the plain which is naturally fat free, it only has 80 Calories and 6g of Carbs!
For some unknown reason, when I logged into my email account I also opened up a tab for RueLaLa and settled down to eat my greek cheese-like yogurt. Much to my dismay, but not to my surprise, my mother had also eaten yogurt for breakfast. I, having been in such a hurry, had not grabbed the right unopened container. Now having a yogurt spill in my JPK worthy of blaming BP for, and the beginnings of a hangry attitude, I was greeted with this screen.

Thanks Ruelala. Good morning to you too. #youneedanasswhoopin

But there it was, my knight in shining armor. The second boutique to be open for the next 38 minutes; I was free to purchase a replacement JPK at half the cost! I don’t care who you are, but when you have the familiar smell of rotting dairy wafting around you—you will cave and buy something new.

This happens to be my something new with a touch of blue. Both the City and Overnight sizes in a bright paisley. Happy Tuesday.

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Victoria Rose said...

LOVE ruelala! I pretty much check it everyday if I remember :) I also love ideeli & eBay fashion vault. It's nice to have something to look forward to...and when you find something you can't live without (at the cheapest price out there)...well, that's just the icing on the cake ;)