Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ballet Dresser

As I was stumbling around the internet, this picture caught my eye. I have never been much of a pink girl, often steering toward the monochromatic instead, so the balance of the two struck me.

showhouse Eclectic Living Room

Last night, my mother came into my room after work and remarked on my attire, "Grey I see. Your go to color these days?" She of course, was right. Maybe it's the change in season, but I have found a way to work heather, charcoal, and slate into my wardrobe.

Today though, just to prove a point, I pulled a ballet pink oxford from the depths of my closet! okay, okay-- I paired it with a slate colored pencil skirt, sue me. But that got me thinking...How can I work some romantic femininity into my new bedroom? I've had lots of bedrooms, but most all of them have had a twinge of red peeking through. Here's to mixing it up!

I have a dark bedroom set with brass handles. A bit like the one pictured below. Some could call it vintage chic-- I call Brass-O a pain in my ass.

So with the help of Anthropologie, let's see if we can compromise and revise?

New ceramic handles? Yes please.

Almost matching but still complementary door hooks? Absolutely.

As simple as a turn of the flathead and you have yourself a brand-new look. Now onto the rest of the room!

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