Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wedding Season

I have the really bad habit of over committing myself. Does anyone else do that? Well, while I was out last night, hobnobbing with politicos, my teenage dogs threw a house party! I came home to the biggest mess I have literally ever seen. (And I went to Wofford College, #4 in the Nation for Greek Life!) Every edible item and some mystery blue goo was consumed, shredded, or strewn about the house and furniture. My favorite was the Hansel and Gretel trail of Grape Nuts running from the love seat to the master bedroom. In their defense, I don’t like Grape Nuts either so I probably would have redecorated with them as well… So here I am, trying to focus on something more positive than my law school interview and the blue goo.

What’s the best season you ask? Why, wedding season of course! I have three weddings to attend in March alone, which means the fever or love is upon us. I adore weddings and often say that if wedding crashing was a legitimate pastime, I would eagerly partake. A little reminder of the personalities in the 2005 film:

Jeremy Grey: Hello, Red! Dibs.
John Beckwith: She's all yours. I ain't gonna fight you.

Hello Incanto Vietri!, the perfect addition to a southern bride’s registry! Though I am nowhere near getting married, I will confess that I have my own registry of gifts. Say what you will, but while you were taking people for another set of stationary upon graduation, I was collecting peices of china on which to throw dinner parties! A hidden bonus-- the cost is about the same.

Though this is an Italian themed collection with De Medici dots, baroque curves, antique lace, olive branches and wildflowers, the set has been featured in Southern Living, Paula Deen, Bon Appetite, and Taste of the South just to name a few. The mix and match style displays revolutionary strength and classic beauty inspired by Italian art and history. After all, Incanto means enchanting individuality!

Here are some pieces from my own collection of Incanto and Incanto Mare:

Incanto Lace Cake Stand

Incanto Mare Starfish Footed Serving Bowl

Incanto Stripe Square Handeled Server

Incanto Assorted Canape Plates

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