Friday, February 11, 2011

Freaky Friday

You know it’s a good day when you can use one hand to silently state “Uh ugh, not now” and the other to whip off your red Ray Bans. Good morning Starbucks construction workers. So nice of you to greet me with a whistle while you’re impeding the entire Lincoln/Gervais block! One of my favorite movies The Family Stone, encourages those to “let their freak flag fly”. I struggle with this concept ad nauseam--all the time. I don’t blame my upbringing per se but I was raised with a certain level of decorum that was expected to be maintained. Which generally means when the Hearnicane strikes, you can be sure it will leave a path of destruction. However, if asked, my parents will freely offer up the notion that the worst thing I’ve ever done, was to adopt 4 animals and bring them into the loving embrace of Hearn Manor. So here it is: it’s Friday and against better judgment, I agreed to adjudicate a design competition. The festival is a branch of the Palmetto Dramatic Association… for those of you that aren’t as adept at reading acronyms, that’s PDA. So why not show some public displays of affection and indulge in your freak side?

Jello Shot Spoons ($.75 a spoon at Pier 1)

If sweet confections are cupid's most famous culinary love child, let me tempt you with these creations! Just because your college years might be over doesn’t mean you can’t still make these little gems! They could actually be kid-friendly this time around but who are we kidding? No one eats plain Jello outside of the hospital.

MIX the Strawberry Jello according to the package, SUBSTITUTING 1/2 cup of vodka for a 1/2 cup of cold water. It will take time, but eventually these too will set up.

It seems the holiday has dreamed up a siren of experimentation with Edible Underware. I recently attended a bachelorette party in which the bride requested a singular pair. Whether she got strawberry fruit leather or strung candy I don’t remember—but in an effort to legitimize this post, here’s the background. A witty fool like myself appreciated the exhibition all the more.

The invention of edible underwear apparently came about in a 1975 late night conversation among friends who were sophomorically discussing colloquialisms in the English language, specifically “eat my shorts!” Thus the inventors started the company Cosmorotics, Inc. to manufacture and market edible underwear under the name “Candypants, the original 100% edible underwear.” At first, the patent was denied but later when granted; hundreds of thousands of pairs were distributed out of their food manufacturing plant in Chicago.

If that doesn’t float your boat, and diversity is accepted here at SeaSalt, how about another edible gift? The new “IT” company is headed by Tariq Farid, who partnered with his brothers in 1999 to open the first Edible Arrangements in Hamden, Connecticut. Having been a boarding school brat in a neighboring town, I have experienced the culinary genius behind these masterpieces for some time. But if you are simply unfamiliar with the television jingle, they arrange fruit flowers in lieu of carnations. The company began franchising the concept in 2001 and as of 2008, the business had grown to more than 900 stores reporting to have annual revenues of $195 million. That’s a lotta fruit folks.

So whether you give or get this holiday, and I for one really would love a bouquet of cherries, carrots, or freshly sharpened pencils, remember to do it with gourmet gusto! XOXO.

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