Wednesday, February 16, 2011


If you haven’t noticed, I am taking this week off from recipes to get in the mood for the PDA festival. I am adjudicating the costume and make-up entries which have me thinking about my own collections. I have been an avid Mac user for quite some time, however when I worked for Spoleto, I became a fanatic! I have been slowly building my Mac Anthology, buying one new and interesting product at a time, however, last night I came home with full greedy little hands.

According to the designer I apprenticed under, the most important items in your arsenal are the powder products. Mascara and eyeliner, for example, are generally the same chemistry and therefore can be bought at cost—but powders, like paint, need to be rich in color pigment. During my on-stage years, the only make-up I heard about was Ben Nye and therefore I assumed that theater professionals would use such products; but it seems that even the highest-paid opera singers prefer the lightweight feel of Mac. In turn, the designers prefer the products because they are highly pigmented, apply evenly, and blend well. This of course means that a little can go a long way which helps toward the investment of a good set of powder.

Recent additions to my collection include:

Cublic Powder Blush $19.50

Mega Metal Eye Shadow in Peek at You , Frosted Yellow White $19.50 (Lid)

Tartan Eye Shadow in Golden Crown $14.50 (Inner Crease)

Mega Metal Eye Shadow in Center Stage, Frosted Chocolate Brown $19.50 (Brow Bone)

Eye Shadow in Antiqued, Ash Brown with Bronze Veluxe Pearl $14.50 (Outer Crease)

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