Wednesday, January 26, 2011

May the Best Team Win

When the NY Times is reporting on an issue, you know it’s something big. What they have dubbed as ‘the latest crazy in the bar scene’ is merely what we locals have come to call Trivia. Originally formed to draw in crowds for beer sales, the game has taken off—just like the speed round! Generally, the “quizzes vary from place to place, most are free and consist of five to eight rounds of a dozen questions each; answer sheets are distributed and graded by a quizmaster. The use of smartphones is prohibited, but that’s part of the thrill. In an era in which constant access to the Internet and its avalanche of indexed information is expected, exercising our recall muscles can be downright exhilarating.” Though it’s common to see the same players, or at least hear the same team names, a specified group isn’t necessary. Teams often merge and migrate—adding to the probability of success. If the formula for the perfect question is as follows: “At least one person in the room should know the answer, at least half the people in the room should be able to make an educated guess, and everyone in the room should find the answer interesting” then the same applies to the formation of a team. I specialize in the arts movement, theater, cooking, and health related facts—while some might be more inclined to 80’s music, star wars, & literature. The bottom line is there is a type of trivia player — “people with a lot of education who still like to go out and have drinks.”

Trivia Nights in Columbia,

The Publick House @ 8:00
The Sly Fox @ 8:00
Flying Saucer @ 7:00, Adult Trivia @ 9:00
Carolina Wings Vista @ 7:30
Locals Bar @ 8:00
The Village Idiot @ 9:00
Mellow Mushroom @ 8:00 with $3 SweetWater drafts and $10 Newcastle pitchers
Yo Burrito @ 8:00

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