Sunday, January 4, 2009


First let me preface that I slept through the entire journey to Bahrain and therefore have nothing to report of the flight. But as for landing in the very small Bahrain airport, I recommend to only do it in style! I was greeted by the head of securities and taken through customs via the express route; that is, the officer took my passport, waved me through the buzzers and beepers and sent me toward baggage. He returned my passport fully stamped and documented only minutes later. While waiting for my luggage to arrive, we made small talk of the 70 degree winter weather and flight. After about an hour of waiting we determine that my bag must still be in Amsterdam. The officer files all the claims for me and helps me to find my driver, Hussein.
Hassan and Hussein are twin brothers of the Al-Sharif family, and will serve as the group liaison for fun. Hussein helps me to get checked into my room at the Ritz Carleton and wishes me a good night’s sleep as I will need to be ready to party on NYE.

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