Monday, May 2, 2011

Artista Vista, I do

If you haven’t heard of Artista Vista, and it’s okay if you haven’t, you need to be on the lookout for the 21st edition next spring! Meggie, yes this Meggie:

Invited me to take part in Columbia’s premier gallery crawl on Thursday night with her. Knowing it was also Saki Tumi Barbie Sushi night, I was eager to visit the Vista!

“The Vista, Columbia's premier art district, has never slackened in its efforts to keep the art scene in the Midlands alive and thriving, as the past three decades attest. The Vista was synonymous with art by the early 1980s, when artists began to move their studios to the area's affordable abandoned warehouse space. Today's restaurants, shopping and nightlife in historic buildings along the Gervais Street corridor are still driven by the Vista's creative energy. Artista Vista is completely organized by galleries in the Vista, as it has been since its birth 19 years ago.”

“This popular event brings local artists and galleries together to encourage the public to support the arts.” While we didn’t venture through every spot, the highlights included: Lewis + Clark, if Art Gallery, Vista Studio/Gallery 80808, City Art, and Installation Art.

I have to admit that installation art isn’t my favorite genre, but I Do / I Don't, by Susan Lenz really spoke those in the Mais Oui Building. An installation focusing of the complexities of marital relationships, Lenz embroidered discarded wedding veils with words of wisdom, tips, and tricks for married life.

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